Our business hours are between 9:00 – 17:00.

Prinsestraat 23 7513 AM Enschede

(+0031) 6 28 36 40 68

About Us

Snip Design is a design studio based in The Netherlands. Currently operating from Enschede, Snip Design offers multiple creative services:

Digital Graphics Design

User experience design captures most of our digital graphics design projects. We love to provide meaningful aesthetics to your digital products. One of our specialties is using persuasive design elements to support a target behavior that is needed from your users. Besides user experience design we also apply our digital skills to design any non-interactive 2D and 3D graphics you might need.

Product & Brand Design

In the areas of product and brand design we combine our creative and scientific capacities to create or innovate products and brands. We believe in products and brands that have distinctive value. And simultaneously, we believe in products that are clean and sustainable. We can be your ally in the challenge to create products which are friendly to the environment, while still generating profit and competitive advantages.

Creative Consultancy

Our involvement in your project can be fine tuned to your company’s needs. We can take over the entire design process, but also advise and cooperate on a different level. We offer creative consultancy services in the above mentioned areas, which includes:

  • defining strategies for you products and brands,
  • user researching your (digital) products,
  • analyzing and advising on user experience design,
  • leading and advising your project team in the process of product innovation

We are trained professionals in providing creative services on different levels and in different branches. When you are missing or running short on the required creative thinking power in your team, we will always find a way to help you get the job done. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to see what we can offer you in your current projects!


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