The new website

we’re back

Finally our studio is back online with an all new website! Check out the updated portfolio for some of the latest creative projects completed by the studio. We will also be posting more regularly on the blog with updates on new projects, interests, inspiration and anything else that’s worth sharing!

Take me to the portfolio!



The new tagline of our studio will be: Renaissance Consultancy! Renaissance Consultancy captures our vision on working in the creative business: liberating our creative skills to improve almost any area of life! Whether an interface needs to be improved, a startup needs a powerful identity or a city needs a meaningful object to fill their public space… we can make it happen!


Lastly, in the near future we will be collaborating closely with Ruud Baaijens and Martijn Zwart to expand our network and extend our creative capacity! Stay tuned for more information on our joint venture projects!

Thank your for visiting our studio website and get in touch!


Bas, founder of Snip Design