• This is Your Life

    An online training designed for adherence. Engineered with a framework of gameful and persuasive design elements.

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  • Newminds Brand

    Building brands from the core of the company. Creating a beautiful metaphor, visualizing the amazing people behind your products and services.

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  • Design for emotion

    Waiter’s Corkscrew

    A superior quality corkscrew, with superior interaction. Designed to impress.

  • Persuasive communication

    Making action happen and changing behaviors, based on insights from recent science.

  • Product Concept

    A New Philips Tracer

    The classic philips shaver, redesigned for modern youth. Low in price, high in style.

  • Google Iris

    A vision for the future of Google in the healthcare industry.

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Digital Graphics

User experience design, supported by any graphic element: 2D, 3D, moving, interactive, static. We get the job done.

Product & Brand Design

We can help you out in any of your product and brand design needs, whether it’s innovating your product portfolio or creating a new and persuasive brand. We are highly flexible.

Creative Consultancy

The world around your company is changing. Fast. We can advise on any level in your project and give you the insights you and your teams need.